So what’s the plan with XRCafé.xyz

 Hi Guys
While I’m uploading an instance of PhPList to process bulk mail at I mentioned, I’ve put some words down as a tentative structure to hopefully begin to articulate what the public questions & answers facilitation platform, as a vehicle for engagement-and-value-alignment-oriented mutual-support, which could double as an event egistrations/rebel-relationship-care interface, might look like.  At least at a simple navigation overview level. (& Sorry for my long sentences)

I know there is or was something called Climate Café or XR Café in the UK, and I imagine elsewhere, I hope using the term is viable I think it works & the kind of thing that is neccessary – the XR-AND-FRIENDS kind of welcoming, inclusive humain ethos, accessible to hardened activists as much as the not-so-naive-at-all youth, workers and, well frankly anyone who can get to it really… Oh, the logo rationale: the logo’s background geometry is a 10-point armature signifying the 10 PVs as well as open global networking with just a pinch of old-school cyberpunk-meets-church-window aesthetics, all tentative and for the moment – getting some help on some front-end polishing soon, probably coming week.

(But the plan is to do the development so that the functionality any branch/group who wants to have and easily run and modify their own instance can.)
Kind Regards

(PS. or by way of outlining what I’m up to, and a rough draft subject to revision and debugging:)



To do/Navigation Structure:

Axiology (What we care about)

10 PVs

Information (Epistemology-scape)


Asymmetries and the rest of the mess

Recognising Injustice

Active Hope


Truth first

Get Real

Convene, Intervene, Co-mind, Persist
(People Assembling)



Semiology (Kewl logo, isn’t it ;?)

Questions & Answers

This is what XRCafé is being built around!)


And this is how we do it
(Regenerative Ways-of-working)…

Sign Up

Checkin (Connect)

Meet (Collaborate)

Reconcile (Persist)

Embodyment (Ontology-ffiti)
(& Chronolography)

·        Posts

·        Events

·        Profiles

·        Organise

·        Act Together


Meetings (/Surveys)





(…or something like that.)

PPS.: Get in touch if you have any questions, sugestions or want to collaborate.

PPPS.: Forgive how rough this is, time is tight.