on Checkin

I am grateful that tRUMP is out, I’m grateful to be alive, I’m grateful that my dog doesn’t have bad breath anymore, I’m grateful I haven’t had COVID, I’m grateful my son, Nana, and partner haven’t either, I miss Obama, I’m grateful to all those who came before me and fought for the rights I enjoy and who made it possible for me to have the freedoms I have, I’m SAD & ANGRY that not everyone can say the same, I’m grateful I didn’t get stuck alone during the pandemic, I’m grateful for my wonderful partner, I’m grateful for those who choose to stand in solidarity against Injustice and I’m pissed off at how long it FREAKING takes for anything to change! I’m grateful for events like this, I’m grateful for the connections. Oh yeah and I’m grateful that I just lost a s*** ton of weight!

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