on Checkin

Grateful for the experience of life within universes here & now. Grateful for beautiful majik & destiny .Grateful mostly to our Ancestors & those to come. Grateful i’m me with my senses. The word ‘sad’ doesn’t really apply in my life of being a suicidal person in a suicidal species. Glad……….hmm, so much. Glad i’m Aspergers, BPD. PTSDed etc. Glad i love learning, glad i’ve got potential to reach, glad i’ve had children who’ve had children, glad the nukes haven’t exploded, glad to be alivealiveOh! Glad i find creative ways to express myself, glad animals are animals & Nature is wild. Grateful to find my long lost cad of a dad lived & is buried 15miles from me, & i have new blood brothers & sisters. Grateful & glad to have found my indigenous tribe & got to come home at last. Grateful & glad LOVE & Service are our predominant values. My name is HEYATAWIN, which means woman standing on the ridge HANTA YO! OPRE ROMA! PHO WA!

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