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    1. I’ve been all over: react, webXR, GIS, web3.0. Jack of all trades, master of none. Recently I’ve been working on web3.0 with stacks, a new cryptocurrency that I think will actually be the one that gives us a user-owned internet.

      I unfortunately don’t have time to prepare anything in time for this skillshare, but I could contribute by doing a Q&A or something (I’m no expert, but I’m a good teacher and have good entry-level knowledge). Could maybe point out a few tools (penpot.app + github + vercel) that are enough to turn anybody into a web developer for static websites. This could be useful?

      My stacks/web3 work will ultimately catch up soon and I’m working on tools there that would make the above more or less obsolete. There’s a ton changing behind the scenes in the internet now, so I’m hesitant to give advice…

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