What we care about…

The 10 principles and values (PVs) are the core of everything XR. They are who and what we aim to be.

Yea, ‘Axiology’ might be a ‘big word’, but why should only the ivory-tower elites get to use big words?

We’ll use a big word for a very big idea, thank you very much!

‘Axiology’ means thinking about values and value systems – and we are all about changing value systems when you come to think about it.

For the more conventional listing of XR’s values and principles see the original/longer UK version with drop-down explanations or see the version at

Here at XRCafé, our intention is to try and tie as much as possible to the so-called PVs in the belief that they form a kind of critical glue. They connect us, and they guide us.

So we invite you to join us in exploring, with a do-it-together work-in-progress attitude, how we might connect and collaborate in a spirit of openness, honesty, creativity and commitment to life.

Rebel for life.

With all of that said, this site is not intended for XR members only, it is more of an XR-and-Friends kind of thing, where when we say “WE have a shared vision for change… we intend the largest possible ‘We’ we can reach for.