XR World Mobilize


Extinction Rebellion Worldwide

Online Gathering & Skill-share

8 pm to 11 pm (UTC) 6 March 2021


We set our mission on what is necessary…


Everything we love is at stake

We need mass civil disobedience in 2021. And this requires thousands of people to mobilise, organise, and get good at it. All around the world, amazing people are developing great ways to stand up and we need to support one another.

An alliance of dedicated XR members in different countries are creating this event so we can come together to celebrate the vital work we are doing, to enjoy great talks and testimonies, and discover concrete tactics that work in a range of workshops.

We seek to reinforce our valued XR culture of welcoming, open organisation. We welcome everyone to come along to contribute and learn. Based on the success of this event, we will hold more regular mobilization events and create other online spaces to support all other aspects of our work.


You can contribute by volunteering to present or help facilitate a workshop. You can specify how you would like to support rebels during this meeting in the registration form. Also, tell us what is necessary, what workshops would you most like to participate in?

Some possibilities:

Getting people involved:
The fundamentals of recruitment, practical things to do and set routines, building up your groups: local, special interest, and groups planning to take nonviolent action.

Supporting people:
Getting good at public speaking, meetings, and rebel cafes, ways to get things done, how to do joyful law-breaking, how to support each other and avoid feeling you have to stop.

Encouraging people:
To be empowered and take the initiative, how to do quick decision making, creating groups which work together well: dealing with overlap activities and roles.

Taking action:
How to organise people, how to raise some cash, learning from other movements, e.g. Black Lives Matter, Getting up to date on the latest science.

Getting ready for the future:
Creating communities which support people, the effectiveness of nonviolent action and more.

This is just for starters! Give your ideas and proposals while registering.

Organised  by the team who brought you “Visioning Extinction Rebellion with Gail Bradbrook, Kofi Mawuli Klu, Roger Hallam & Clare Farrell

What to expect

  • Music, songs and poetry
  • First People’s voice
  • Inspirational talks from radical subject matter experts addressing mass mobilization & civil disobedience in 2021
  • XR members sharing how their work helps give meaning and purpose and assists with resilience and overcoming climate grief
  • A selection of optional participatory workshops

Why XR World?

After 500 people recently participated in an international XR open zoom session on Visioning, many have expressed a desire for more opportunities to connect.

XR World is an opportunity to bring us as a movement together with like-minded friends to listen and learn from one another.

We all know there is no time to lose. If we allow the global carbon-capital death system to continue during and after COVID, our societies will collapse.

Because the world matters.

RSVP information (except the email address that you provide for the meeting link) is publicly accessible and part of the larger conversation many have asked for.

18 thoughts on “XR World Mobilize

  1. Hi!

    I just received an email with this link and I would like to know where did you get my email (as it’s one that I only use for activism) and why are you contacting me without my permission? ?

    Sorry about the mistrust but I find quite annoying to get this email address on massive spam lists.

    1. Hi Eduardo.
      To try and answer your first question many people involved with Extinction Rebellion have passed email addresses on to us of people they believe might be interested. If you like (and I assume you do unless you let me know otherwise) I will make sure to add your address to our unsubscribed list witch will prevent further mailings. For interest sake, our list isn’t very massive, only slightly less than 2,000 strong at the moment. Please accept our apologies that our email annoyed you.
      Kind Regards

      1. Thanks André! I don’t want to receive more than the necessary emails at this account haha

        How can I know who gave my email address so I can make sure that he/she didn’t took it from a general database or something like that?

        Good luck with the initiative! ?

        1. I’ll try and investigate for you and follow up via email if that’s okay with you?. Is it the email address associated with these comments that we’ll check the origin of? ed…a@p…
          (I have unsubscribed it)

  2. I too like Eduardo only use this email for activism and was shocked to receive it, but following the explanation from André realised I must have subscribed. Happy to join XR World for upcoming workshops.

    1. Thanks for saying Kate, and sorry for the shock and intrusion – it’s a difficult thing to figure out how to reach-out in this day-and-age in a way that honours us being based on autonomy and decentralization, not wanting to violate people’s personal and private space but still wanting to connect and support as many around our shared aims as possible. We don’t have the perfect answers. :-]

  3. Please don’t email me without permission. Where did you get my email address? Unsolicited email == SPAM. I’m registering this site on the SPAM blacklist. And no ‘XR and friends’ are not inviting people to the event, you are. Don’t make it out like it’s a movement-driven event. You’re trying to center things around yourself again. You’re being sneaky and toxic Andre!

    1. Hi Alison,

      I’ll put your address on our unsubscribed list. I didn’t compile the original email list but can try to investigate who added your address to ourlist.

      No, I’m not operating alone, there is a core team of currently about twenty rebels from around the world collaborating on organising this event, tentatively calling ourselves the ‘Let’s get on with it’ team, with a larger group in more indirect support. I am sorry some feel a need to attack us and this project, though I think I can imagine some of the perspectives that might come from. When I inquired of the guys who originally collated the email distribution list I got the response that their feeling was that:

      XR is an open organisation and emails can are freely shared with XR.
      Several people in GS and who are ex GS have shared name and addresses because they believe that GS should be accountable and the people in it should be contactable.
      One person who was happy to be on the record as sharing this information is Elana ZA. If you wish to contact her about her action then please do so. We are happy to let you know about other people who have shared information if you wish to know, assuming they are happy to be contacted. Some are concerned about being bullied/harrassed so obviously whether they want us to share their names with you is up to them.

      I don’t think I am making out like it is a movement driven event, but it certainly is a movement oriented event and we would love for it to become a movement-driven event and working to achieve that.

      I don’t see how I’m being “sneaky”, and “toxic” is a very subjective judgment. For my own part, untill someone shows me how it contradicts the XR DNA, I will continue to do my best working to allow rebels to connect with each other, to reduce gatekeeping, mitigate against hierarchies of power and monopolies of influence. It’s early days, we’re not there yet, but we have a lot of plans and excitement for what is possible.

      I’m trying to centre things on our shared axiology, our life support system is being violated and destroyed moment-by-moment by us, and I’d like for us all to contribute to reducing that as much as we can. That’s what I signed up for with e.g. signing the original rebel agreement, which includes:

      1. We show respect to everyone – to each other, the general public and to the government and
      2. We engage in no violence, physical or verbal.
      3. We carry no weapons and wear no masks – we hold ourselves accountable for our actions…

      How well I’m living up to that, some days I feel more confident than others. The whole “centring” idiom doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

      I would prefer for us to not tell each other what to do, and not tell each other what they are doing; especially not based off of biased self-interested rhetoric or slander doing the rounds as far as I can see.

      I wish you all the best on your journey and am grateful for the good work you do for our shared cause.

      Love and Respect,

      André Clements

  4. I want to learn about “quick decision making” and other aspects of self organizing systems.

  5. Awesome work, XR Global. I really enjoyed the recent Visioning event you put on, and have shared the recording of it widely. I’m really looking forward to this event as it’s my 100% focus right now to grow the movement to achieve 3.5%. If we don’t, we’re done for.

  6. Event description text above updated to same as the email invitation, partly to eliminate unnecessary “big words” and some clunky-ness in the original version shown here but no significant changes to the substance of it.
    (May add links to historic versions of items once we have a bit more dev capacity, hint-hint nudge-nudge:)

  7. Thanks for this. Sorry I can’t make the event.
    But if you could publicise the Lovingearth-Project.uk that would be great. It’s helping people engage more deeply with climate breakdown through a community textile project responding to simple questions about the future of things we love. Hoping for contributions from around the world to join an exhibition for Glasgow in November and touring widely thereafter as a reminder if what’s at stake.

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